Google Calendars

Presenter: Liz Becker

Google calendars can be integrated in your enterprise in many different ways. Embed into your website, share with your colleagues, invite staff to meetings, set up appointments, use it with students and more. Come see how calendars can improve your work flow.

Be sure to check out  Rachel Wente-Chaney 's related session, Google Calendars to the Rescue.  

Additional Resources

Ideas on Uses for Google Calendar

  • Google Calendar to Website - The video below demonstrates how to create a calendar and add it to your Google Site webpage.  This was the most often asked question in both sessions and a great way to use Calendar.

Google Calendar to Website

  • Lesson Planning with Google Calendar and Google Sites - This video shows an example of how one teacher uses Calendar and Sites with his students and includes how-to's.  The first minute of the video isn't directly related to this topic, so feel free to fast forward.

YouTube Video

  • Google Help for CalendarThis is the official Help page for Google Calendar.  There is a lot of useful how-to information found on this site.
  • Module 3: Calendar - A section of the training manual from the Google Apps for Education Training Center.  This chapter deals with Calendar and includes specific classroom suggestions and how-to's.
  • Sync with Microsoft Outlook - Several session participants asked about how to sync their Google Calendar and Outlook.  This is an instructional page and download from Google to help you get this done.
  • Sync with iCal or Sunbird - This is an instructional page on how to sync Google Calendar with iCal or Sunbird.  With all the iPads that were in the sessions, I thought this link may be useful.
  • Using Google Calendar Appointment Slots for Parent Teacher Conferences - Appointment slots are a great feature of Calendar that allows you to set up appointment times for parents, students and others.  This articles explains how one school uses this feature for parent teacher conferences and includes handouts for teachers and parents.  I use appointment slots to schedule individual conferences with my college students.
  • Register Your Mobile Phone - This page will help you set-up your phone to receive SMS messages from Calendar, including reminders and notifications.
  • Cancel SMS Notifications - Have you realized you really don't want Calendar sending SMS messages to your phone?  Here is how to turn off text messages from Calendar. 

Google Tasks
Google Tasks is a to-do list manager that is integrated with Calendar and GMail.

A quick overview of Tasks from Google

Tasks Overview

  • Google Help for Tasks -  This is the official Help page for Google Tasks.  There is a lot of useful how-to information found on this site.

Mobile Apps
  • GooCal - This is a free iPhone/iPod/iPad app for Google Calendar.
  • Go Tasks - This is a free iPhone/iPod/iPad app for Google Tasks.
  • La Grande School District Google Calendar - A participant shared this in one of the sessions.  Remember that to add the calendar to your own Google Calendar list, click the button with the blue plus sign in the bottom right of the calendar.  If you know of any other important calendars I should add to this page, please email them to me.  Thank you!