Intro to Forms

Presenter: Liz Becker

Liz will introduce you to Google Forms. Some of the uses of forms include surveys, course evaluations, sign-up sheets, inventory, entrance/exit slips, project grading, various forms of assessment, and so much more.  Google provides instant graphic analysis of the submitted forms. Come learn about Forms and help brainstorm ways that they can enhance your instruction.

Be sure to check out Steve Prull's related session on Self Grading Quizzes with Flubaroo.  Steve's session discusses how to use the Flubaroo script found in Google Forms to create automatically graded assessments.

An Introduction to Google Forms by Liz Becker

Here is a short overview video on Forms from Google.

Forms Overview

Additional Resources
  • Google Help for Forms - This is the official Help page for Google Forms.  There is a lot of useful how-to information found on this site.
  • Chapter 6: Forms - From the training manual on Google Docs from the Google Apps for Education Training Center.  This chapter deals with Forms and includes specific classroom applications and how-to's.
  • Google URL Shortener - This is the URL shortener I use to tame those really long Google Form links for sharing with others.