Blended = Face2Face + Online Learning     &    
Google + Moodle = GooMoodle

"I've put my Brick-&-Mortar Classroom, Moodle, and Google Sites into a blender and poured out a delicious combo: frothy, light, and a hint of strawberry. Come by for a taste of GooMoodle Goodness and see how my blended classroom works."

Student Centered--Reversed Instruction--Flipped Classroom

There's distance ed and there's distance ed.  I'd love to know which of these 4 short videos you like and which you don't.  I like 2 . . . and 2 just rub me the wrong way when I start thinking about the pedagogy of it.

Distance Learning a la Real Genius

Distance Learning a la Star Trek

Distance Learning a la Cisco

Distance Learning a la Cisco Learning Societies

Distance Learning a la Isaac Asimov (short story)

Flipped Classroom

Digidesigns: a classroom designed to blended
Moodle  (choose "login as guest," then come back to this page and choose the Moodle link again. )

9th Grade English: a classroom designed to augment my f2f classroom

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Making Moodle Beautiful

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