Google Tools - Going Deeper

Steve Prull
Instructional Technology at High Desert ESD in Central Oregon

Tim Welch
Technology at LaGrande School District

Welcome! Please make sure that your neighbor also found this resource page. Next step is to fill the form to the right >>>>>
 When our session time has begun and everyone in your table has done the form, go see what products Google has under their flag

GDocs Project: (wait until the right time for this...)
  1. Go to your Google Docs (search "docs" online and sign in) and make a new document.
  2. Title it as your first name.
  3. Before editing it any further, go back to the tab or window with GDocs, refresh it, and drag your new document into the "collections shared with me" called "Google Classroom."
  4. Now go back to editing the document you've named with your first name.
  5. Add one pic of yourself (if you have one).
  6. Share one or two things about your professional practice that make you "especially glad to be an educator."
  7. Drop in one or two links to websites--either your own class website or another favorite.
  8. Go to the Google Classroom Collection to see other classmates' work. Look but don't touch. :)

> A great list of more Google Tools
> Google Apps for Education Training Center
> Google Multitask Mode

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LaGrand - Google Tools -Going Deeper

Google Tools - Going Deeper